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South China Morning Post: There’s no debate – censorship limits live access in China to Clinton-Trump face-off

September 27, 2016Kecheng Fang0 Comments

South China Morning Post on what I did before the presidential debate:

But in the US, Kecheng Fang, founder of, an independent website publishing academic studies on China for the Chinese public, said it would offer a live show on its WeChat account in the lead-up to the debate to give viewers “some background knowledge” of the process.

Fang, a doctoral candidate at Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania, said the debate would be dominated by domestic issues and most Chinese people would struggle to “get the point”.

“Even if the candidates mentioned policies about China or Asia, such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, they would debate it from the perspective of an American, and as a Chinese, it would be complicated,” he said.

“I want to explain more about the nature of presidential debates, its rules and procedures, and to explain how [the presidential debate] works as a key part of a democratic system.”