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SupChina: Jordan Peterson And China’s ‘White Left’

April 15, 2018Kecheng Fang0 Comments

I was quoted in SupChina’s article on the popularity of the term “White Left” in China.

A recent talk by Fang Kecheng 方可成 offers the best examination of the term’s history and usage. In the talk, Fang says that “white left” is now widely applied to even those not particularly progressive or left-wing, and he includes the example of the Su Xiaohe 苏小和 essay “How the American white left has led Chinese readers into the gutter” (美国白左如何把中国读书人带到沟里 [měiguó báizuǒ rúhé bǎ zhōngguó dúshūrén dài dào gōu lǐ]), referring to both Ayn Rand and John Rawls as “gurus of the ‘white left’” (白左的宗师 báizuǒ de zōngshī). A couple of terms that Western readers might be familiar with, “social justice warrior” and “libtard,” get close to the way baizuo is sometimes used.

Fang Kecheng makes the point that the “anti-white left movement is largely driven by people that have gone overseas or are currently overseas.” Fang points to the power of Chinese workers in the Bay Area, in particular, and Chinese students in the United States and Europe in general.

Full text here.